GoGo Meets a Bully Paperback

Gogo Meets A Bully: In book one of this debut series, GoGo is excited to have Dougie and Juke, his sidekicks, along for the ride. But when GoGo's friend encounters a bully named Sice, he's not having it. GoGo stands up to the bully, kicking off an intense battle that comes to a surprising end.

For Ages 3 to 7

The GoGo Pokey: Debut Single

GoGo Pokey: Learning With Gogo's debut single "GoGo Pokey," featuring Gogo himself, reinvents the classic nursery rhyme “Hokey Pokey” with D.C.’s signature go-go style. The song is infectious and filled with danceable melodies—the perfect mix of education and enjoyable music for children and parents, alike. 

Learning with GoGo Greeting Card