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About Learning With Gogo


Our Mission 

To create children’s content that’s urban and relatable, and helps teachers and parents to seamlessly incorporate learning into their daily lives.


Meet the Team


Frank A. Bryant, Creative Director

The creative powerhouse behind the Learning With Gogo project. A graduate of Morehouse College, Georgetown and Harvard universities, Frank founded LWG three years ago. He’s worked as an educator for more than a decade, and brings a level of experience and creativity to the table that few can match, leading and contributing to projects geared toward student engagement strategies, technology integration and students' perspectives in urban schools. Frank is also the author of three children’s books, "Dougie Learns To Read," "From Menace To Morehouse" and his bestseller, "GoGo Meets a Bully." Frank created the vision, concept and characters for Learning With Gogo, and has written all the music, scripts and books to date. Leads creative vision strategy, character development, concept and music production.


Allene Bryant, Communications Director

Allene Bryant is an award-winning digital content producer with over 15 years of experience in the journalism and communication fields. She was the producer of noted properties for FOX and ABC television groups, Georgia Institute of Technology and many more. The experience she gained helped her structure distribution for the LWG project without sacrificing the message or mission. She has helped to create the concept and characters for LWG, and also produces the field-trip videos—also starring in them as well. Leads overall company communications, marketing and video production.

Board of Advisors

Michael Lucker

Michael is a respected writer, director and producer with twenty years experience creating film, television, animation and digital media. Michael has served as screenwriter on more than thirty feature screenplays for such studios as Paramount, Disney, DreamWorks, Fox, and Universal. He also served as screenwriter on the animated sequels to Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, Emperor’s New Groove, and 101 Dalmatians

April ColemaN

April began her television production career in 1995 at Lifetime Television as an Associate Producer and then Segment Producer for several of Lifetime’s Original programs. From there, she found her home at Sesame Workshop—where she  was responsible for such projects as Elmo's World, Abby's Flying Fairy School and Elmo The Musical. April has won three Daytime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Pre-School Children's Series for Sesame Street in 2017.

Cheryl Garnette

Cheryl Garnette is well-known for her pioneering work in educational technology. As the former Director of Technology in Education Programs in the Office of Innovation and Improvement at the U.S. Department of Education, Ms. Garnette's contributions as an administrator spans nearly 50 years and has positively impacted schools districts across the United States.

Dr. Shirley Reams

Dr. Shirley Reams is an innovative pioneer of educational projects. As a retired DeKalb County School System principal and system-wide coordinator,  Dr. Reams is credited with leading the transformation of a failing Title I school into a DeKalb County School of Excellence. Dr. Reams has received several prestigious awards for her innovative educational tactics, including being named one of ten YWCA’s Women Who Make a Difference, Area Principal of the Year, and Community Hero Torch Runner for the 1996 Olympic Games. 

H. Marrel Foushee

H. Marrel Foushee is a D.C. business leader who serves on the board of Howard University’s Small Business Development Center. Fooshee's business prowess spans decades, including his service in local and federal governments and an appointment by the city’s mayor to lead D.C.’s Department of Public Works’ facilities management arm. Foushee has won numerous awards, most notably the prestigious HistoryMaker award for his contributions to American history.

Kim Buckner Patton

Kim Buckner Patton is the Director of the Foundation Center's Northeast region including our New York and Washington, DC, regional centers. Ms. Patton worked as a nonprofit director, fundraiser, and grantmaker for more than 20 years with organizations such as Hawaii Public Television, the Council on Foundations, and the National Endowment for the Arts.



FRANK'S WHY: “I create because I truly believe that viewing educational content should be like looking in the mirror—everyone should be able to see themselves.”


ALLENE'S WHY: “I want them (children) to see characters that look like them, talk like them, act like them and listen to the same music as them in hopes of providing an example of the limitless potential they possess.”